School Administration

During the school year, the administrative coordinator is available from 7:15 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.  Outside of this time, callers have the ability to access the automated attendant.  Administrator extensions are available through the automated school directory assistance. If you prefer to email us, please use the email addresses listed below. Please simply add after the email address listed below each name.


Mr. Mike LaMarra
Phone: 248-946-4848
Email: mlamarra
Vice President Academics
Mrs. Bernadette Barron
Phone: 248-946-4848
Vice President Operations
Mrs. Lia Johnston
Phone: 248-946-4858
Email: ljohnston
Ms. Karen Ervin
Phone: 248-946-4848
Email: kervin


Administrative Assistant
Ms. Rebecca Vogel
Phone: 248-946-4883
Email: rvogel
Executive Director
Mrs. Marita Ladosenszky
Phone: 248-946-4853
Email: mladosenszky


Rev. Richard J. Elmer, C.S.B.
Phone: 248-946-4855
Email: relmer


Director of Campus Ministry
Sr. Mary Ann Foggin, S.G.L.
Phone: 248-946-4857
Email: mfoggin


Director of Admissions
Mrs. Adora Kassab Ibrahim
Phone: 248-946-4856
Email: aibrahim


Administrator Coordinator
Ms. Elizabeth Dawson
Phone: 248-946-4848
Email: edawson


Accountant/Administrative Coordinator
Mrs. Nancy Klupacs
Phone: 248-946-4848
Email: nklupacs


Director of IT
Mrs. Jeannine Krellwitz
Phone: 248-946-4860
Email: jkrellwitz


Athletic Director
Mr. Ryan Nardozzi
Phone: 248-946-4848
Email: rnardozzi


Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Claudia Sitto
Phone: 248-946-4873
Email: csitto
Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Hutham Tankersley
Phone: 248-946-4882
Email: htankersley
Director of Finance and Facilities
Mr. Geoffrey G. VanGoethem, CPA
Phone: 248-946-4859
Email: gvangoethem