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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The following is a summary of the subjects and units of credit needed to earn a diploma from Saint Catherine of Siena Academy.

Total Required Credits   26

Catholic Theology4 credits required

Grade 9         Faith and Reason/Person of Jesus
Grade 10       Old and New Testament
Grade 11       The History of the Church
Grade 12       Our Moral Life in Christ


English – 4 credits required

Grade 9        Foundations of English 
Grade 10      American Literature
Grade 11      British Literature
Grade 12      World Literature


History – 3 credits required

Grade 9       World History
Grade 10     U.S. History
Grade 11     Civics and Economics


Mathematics4 credits required

Grade 9       Algebra I or Geometry
Grade 10     Geometry or Algebra II
Grade 11     Algebra II or Pre-Calculus
Grade 12     Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus


Science3 credits required

Grade 9        Biology
Grade 10      Chemistry
Grade 11      Physics or Physical Science


World Languages2 credits required

Latin I and Latin II


Philosophy1 credit required

Grades 11-12     Introduction to Philosophy


Physical Education – 1 credit required

Grade 9          Physical Education I and Health


Service Hour Requirements to Graduate:  To create a school culture which prizes the missionary work of the Gospel and introduces our young women to the world around them.  Students of St. Catherine’s will understand that what we do in service to others is as important to what we do in the classroom. 


Hours to be Earned Per Year

Freshmen:          20 hours

Sophomores:     25 hours

Juniors:               30 hours

Seniors:              35 hours