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Parent's Club

We have a vibrant and growing Parent Support Network.  Our parents are the backbone of this community and the reason we thrive.  
Our Mission is to SHARE, SERVE, PRESERVE.  To share the love for our faith with each other and our daughters while serving and building the community of Saint Catherine of Siena Academy so that generations of young women may graduate confident in their feminine genius as daughters of God.
To support our mission, we have formed five committees, faith formation, athletics, marketing, community support, and student life support. Each committee meets monthly with the chairs of the committee and parent board meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month to discuss issues of concern for parents and work on upcoming projects.  
Get involved in one of the committees TODAY!!!!!

Faith Formation Support:


   Responsibilities: Work with Campus Minister on faith related activities                             for student/parent community throughout the year.


                   Possible Projects:

                        Retreats: Mission and Senior

                        Advent Tea

                        Lenten Reflection Evening

                        Endow Group

                        Bible Study for Parents

                        Chapel Environment

                        May Crowning



Athletic Events Support:


     Responsibilities: Work with Athletic Director on supporting athletic                                    activities for students.


                    Possible Projects:

                        Concession Stands

                        Boost for Athletics

                        Parents as Cheerleaders

                        Help Maintain Fields

                        Team Building Dinners/Events


Student Life Support:


     Responsibilities: Work with faculty and staff on different after school                               student activities needing support.


                    Possible Projects

                        Drama Set Building

                        Set-up and Clean-up crew

                        (work with students for dances and plays)

                        Evening with the Arts Hostess

                        Build Herb Garden

                        Help in Science Labs


  Community Life Support:


    Responsibilities: Work with Principal on developing events to foster a                              sense of community amongst all stakeholders.


                        Possible Projects:

                        Father/Daughter Bowling

                        Mother/Daughter Fashion Show

                        Parent Trivia Night

                        Back to School Picnic

                        Family Service Projects


 Marketing Support:


     Responsibilities: Work with Development and Admissions Office on                                fundraising events.


                        Possible Projects:


                        Hosting Donor Dinners

                        Helping with Grandparents Day

                        Admissions Open House