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Alumnae Registration

St. Catherine Alumnae    

      Welcome to St. Catherine's Alumnae Registration page.  As we work to continue the St. Catherine's sisterhood beyond high school we need your help.  Please fill out the following form of which will be used to keep you connected and informed of events.  We look forward to building a strong network of SCA Star graduates! 


Click here -> Registration Form



God, you are the Creator.

You created the Heavens;

You created the Earth.

You created the stars

in the dome of the sky

to illuminate the world.

They separate the light

from the darkness,

Calling your creation home.

All stars point directly to Your Son,

Without Him, nothing would be.

Their nature is fire.

It burns with strength and dignity,

Kindled from the flames of Your everlasting love.  

Just like the star of David made visible to the world Your humanity,
We, too, yearn to illustrate Your light that is hope for all.

Recognizing that we are

Your beloved daughters,

We strive to exemplify integrity, compassion, and truth.

Sometimes, our light falters.

It is in these moments that we must remember our need for You.

By returning to You, we are humbled.  

By falling on You,

we are strengthened.
By remaining in You,

we are made courageous.

One star alone may penetrate

the darkness,

But it is the light of many stars that illuminates the Earth.

Let us never forget--

we are these stars.