SCA's Softball Team Clinches Division Title

Faith, hard work, and dedication clinch the Catholic High School League C-D Division title for St. Catherine of Siena Academy first JV softball team. 



With only 47 students, the chances of having a competitive softball team for St. Catherine’s were slim back in early March. In fact, the chances of having enough students join the team at all were remote. It was then that Dr. Bob Green volunteered to lead a team that did not exist. Mr. David Prowse, a parent, and Mr. Jack Rajkovich, a faculty member, joined Dr. Bob as assistant coaches, and the recruiting process began.


Three days before the school’s first game, the team did not have enough players to compete; but a few students, who did not even know the rules of the game, decided to join the team to support the school and their classmates and become a part of the first softball team in Saint Catherine of Siena Academy’s short history. It was a team of ten: a pitching duo of sophomore Mary Green and freshman Kerry Prowse; sophomores Allie Barsh, Emily Nowka, and Kayley Cichosz; and freshmen Sarah Choate, Erin Gries, Landyn Apple, CeCe Orlowski, and Bridget Dewan.


Thanks to the highly qualified coaching staff, a motivated group of student-athletes, and the constant support from the school and parents, the team that did not exist, the team that did not have enough players, and the team that would not win a single game, won their first sixteen games to clinch the division title a week before the end of the season. Head Coach Dr. Bob Green says, “If someone told me we would be above .500 at the end of the season I would have been very happy. Just being on the same field with Marian, Regina, Notre Dame Prep, and Our Lady of the Lakes is an honor. To be able to beat them is unbelievable.” Dr. Bob thanked the Board at SCA “for building a beautiful softball field for us to play on” and closed the press conference referring to Saint Catherine of Siena Academy: “SCA promotes the development of well-rounded young women and, through its sports program, the development of a healthy living, a strong sense of loyalty, school spirit, hard work, discipline, and leadership.”