“Our mission is to educate young women to develop their feminine genius-their unique dignity, identity and gifts as women created in the image of God.”


St. Catherine of Siena Academy educates the whole person by placing emphasis on our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, spiritual life, and physical life for every student. SCA is the home of the Feminine Genius, a philosophy of womanhood so eloquently written about by our late Blessed Pope John Paul II.  St. Catherine’s sisterhood is rooted in this philosophy of the Feminine Genius which encourages each student to discover her God given talents and gifts in a way that would set the world ablaze! 


I would love to see your daughter come and be a Star for the day.  I encourage your brilliantly unique daughter to spend a day here at SCA to meet our outstanding students, amazing faculty/staff, and to see firsthand our magnificent state of the art facility. We have so many opportunities for student growth through our athletic program, drama program, various clubs, and epoch week. This is such an exciting and historical time for St. Catherine of Siena Academy. Your daughter can literally be a part of history in the making!  Please call or email me anytime to set up a shadow date 248-946-4848  I look forward to meeting you and your beautiful daughter.


God bless you,

Adora Kassab Ibrahim

Director of Admissions