Welcome to Saint Catherine of Siena Academy’s Athletics, a program that integrates education, spirituality and sports.


At SCA, students are encouraged to participate in multiple sports rather than choosing a single sport. By participating in multiple sports, we believe athletes tend to play for enjoyment and healthy competition. Athletics is a learning experience and all team members, regardless of ability, will be afforded the opportunity to develop intangibles. Pride, teamwork, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, work ethic, commitment, spirituality, perseverance and sportsmanship are a few of the qualities besides winning that SCA's Athletic Department will develop, as they will be essential throughout students' lives.


The experiences encountered during high school athletics should be enjoyable, positive ones. Athletes, coaches, and parents will work together in a spirit of cooperation. The athletic program is designed to enhance the overall mission and philosophy of the school. In addition to teaching the skills of a sport or activity, our curriculum will involve academic and faith related activities.


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