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2023 Big Sister Little Sister

Big Sisters ~ Little Sisters meet! Enjoy these smiles from the much-anticipated bonding event that unfolded yesterday at #SCA, as big sisters finally met their little sisters! Our big sisters embrace their roles, offering guidance, support, and friendship to their younger counterparts! #WeareSCA #theSISTERHOOD #studentexperience #friendships #connections #SCAcommunity
September 1, 2023

At St. Catherine Academy, students form life-long friendships. Coming from more than 30 feeder schools, students are welcomed into the sisterhood. Within this tight-knit community, numerous opportunities abound for students to actively engage and grow together, nurturing their faith, intellect, and compassion. Together, they navigate the highs and lows of high school, all in preparation for graduation and the world that lies ahead.

At SCA, we readily support and embrace our Big Sister/Little Sister program. This initiative underscores our commitment to breaking down social barriers and fostering a sense of sisterhood among our young women. It reinforces the notion that we are all part of one family, united in our spiritual growth journey.

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