Signature Events

Student Fundraiser

Pay it Forward
It’s more than 4 years…it’s for life!

Each year, in an effort to “pay it forward,” our current STARS are challenged to raise money for their sisters.  Proceeds from the raffle go to tuition assistance.

Live Purple. Give Gold.

Live Purple. Give Gold. is our annual day of giving celebrated on April 29, the Feast of our patroness, Saint Catherine of Siena.

For the annual day of giving on April 29, 2022, 100% of the proceeds supported the Fr. Elmer Endowment. Investing in SCA’s endowment is an effective way to ensure the long-term health of the School. A healthy endowment provides a school with financial stability and independence.

Live Purple.

Purple, as all colors, is full of symbolism, both for the Church and for St. Catherine of Siena Academy. The Church takes on the color purple for Lent, for repentance and solemnity. The deep dark richness of purple invites us to consider the sacrifices Jesus suffered for us. For SCA, the purple pays tribute to the accent color of the legion of Bishops who serve the Pope. Purple has always been the color of royalty since historically purple dye was the most labor-intensive color to obtain. But we are not the royalty – Jesus is.

Give Gold.

Giving to an endowment, secures the future of SCA.

An endowment is a donation given to the school which is invested in and continues to grow every year. Contributions to endowment are preserved as principal, and the school directs part of the assets to its operating budget every year. The Fr. Elmer Endowment is invested with Ave Maria Mutual Funds. Their commitment to Morally Responsible Investing helps show our young women that Catholic values can be lived in all aspects of their lives, most especially investing.

Benefit Gala

The Annual Benefit Gala, A Night In Siena, is St. Catherine’s largest fundraising event and the showpiece of the school’s social calendar.  A Night In Siena will include an impressive collection of silent and live auction items an elegant dinner, drinks, and time to socialize with friends. The Special Appeal is a paddle raise item during the live auction portion of the event to contribute to the funding of a special project for the academy.

We hope the evening, full of a variety of activities, provides a way for everyone to come together to celebrate our faith and the future of St. Catherine of Siena Academy.

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Golf Classic

We believe that athletics is an important part of fulfilling our mission and provide our STARS with the opportunity to put the values they learn in the classroom into action. Our cornerstones of leadership and sisterhood are solidified when the girls are on their teams. Your support of our athletic programs allows us to do just that!