Student Life

From Study Hall to Hall of Fame

As an all-girls school, girls seize every opportunity. Students have a wealth of avenues for self-discovery and development, and a school full of role models. Outside the classroom, St. Catherine’s student life is rich in unique experiences for growth.

Campus Ministry

The spiritual life of each student is directed toward bringing her into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as a daughter of God the Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Performing Arts

We are committed to developing students’ unique gifts and talents in acting, directing, and stagecraft through a variety of performance opportunities throughout the school year.


From basketball to equestrian, field hockey to tennis, our girls are invited to showcase their unique athletic gifts while building character and leadership skills.

Clubs and Organizations

We encourage students to use their sense of wonder, develop new leadership skills, and apply their feminine genius by participating in new clubs and groups.

Community Service

Throughout the school year, students, staff, faculty, and parents have opportunities to live out their Catholic values, joining together on drives, mission trips, and other hands-on initiatives designed to help those in need.

Culinary Services

SCA Culinary Services provide students with a variety of delicious and healthy food choices at an affordable price.

Student Council

Student Government consists of two branches: Executive Council and four Class Councils. Members are elected by fellow students, plan events, and liaise with staff and faculty while fostering responsibility, leadership, honesty, and integrity in the student body.

Missions and Pilgrimages

To retreat, to “come away with the Lord,” is a necessary and valuable use of time in order to grow in relationship with the Lord. With that in mind, each of the classes has retreats annually.

Summer Camps

Each summer, St. Catherine’s offers a variety of day camps in athletics, arts, science, and more for potential future students to have fun, make friends, and discover SCA’s unique approach to faith-filled education and activities.