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2023 HOSA Regionals

St. Catherine of Siena Academy celebrated a successful showing at HOSA regionals, with 25 out of 48 students qualifying for states, including standout performances from the EMT team and freshmen finalists. Notable achievements included a second regional gold for the EMT team, a silver for senior Lauren Proper, and a record-breaking five freshmen finalists. The impressive results set the stage for the upcoming state competition in Traverse City from April 17-20.
December 11, 2023

St. Catherine of Siena Academy had 48 students competing at HOSA regionals, and the results are in. A whopping 25 students qualified for states, a remarkable feat when considering the number of competitors.

Highlights include:

🏅 EMT team of juniors Izzy Thomas and Valencia Imperi clinching their second regional gold!

🥈 Senior Lauren Proper, a four-time finalist, winning silver for her Research Poster!

🌟 Five freshmen finalists, a record! Special shoutouts to Charlize Sitto (Gold for Respiratory Therapy) and Katherine George (Silver for Clinical Specialty).

Overall, it was an overall fantastic showing. Students may still choose to participate in states-only events before the big competition on April 17-20 in Traverse City.

Photo Gallery - CLICK HERE!

Congratulations to all who competed at HOSA Regionals 2023!!

Gold Medal Finalists:
  • Lucia George, Dental Science Gold Medal
  • Valencia Imperi, EMT Gold Medal
  • Izzy Thomas, EMT Gold Medal
  • Charlize Sitto, Respiratory Therapy Gold Medal
Silver Medal Finalists:
  • Lauren Proper, Research Poster Silver Medal
  • Lourdes Battah, Dental Science Silver Medal
  • Katherine George, Clinical Specialty Silver Medal
Bronze Medal Finalists:
  • Madison Juchno, Medical Informatics Bronze Medal
  • Valeria Aguirre-Sullivan, Clinical Lab Science Bronze Medal
  • Katia Lopez, Phlebotomy Bronze Medal
  • Katlyn Jennings, Physical Therapy Bronze Medal
  • Gabriella Kakos, Healthy Living Bronze Medal
Regional Finalists:
  • Julia Yono, Mental Health Promotion Regional Finalist
  • Roma Adragna, Mental Health Promotion Regional Finalist
  • Sofia Ankawi, Dental Science Regional Finalist
  • Katie Hans, Mental Health Promotion Regional Finalist
  • Morgan Mathis, Pharmacy Science Regional Finalist
  • Brooklyn Kassab, Mental Health Promotion Regional Finalist
  • Lauren Kas-Shamoun, Medical Spelling Regional Finalist
  • Eve Lassaline, Mental Health Promotion Regional Finalist
  • Hannah Kim, Phlebotomy Regional Finalist
  • Angelica Valenton, Veterinary Science Regional Finalist
  • Neha Jose, Medical Law & Ethics Regional Finalist
  • Maria Scaria, Family Medicine Regional Finalist
  • Payton Mathis, Cultural Diversity & Disparities in HC Regional Finalist


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