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Celebrating Mrs. Jill Kara: Roots in Education Nominee

Congratulations to Mrs. Jill Kara, our English and Drama teacher at St. Catherine of Siena Academy, on her nomination for the 2024 Roots in Education Grant. Nominated by her former student Antonia, Mrs. Kara was praised for her optimistic and inspiring teaching style, which has transformed many students' lives. Antonia highlighted how Mrs. Kara's belief in her students' talents and unwavering positivity made a significant impact on her academic and personal growth. Well-deserved, Mrs. Kara!
June 22, 2024

Celebrating Mrs. Jill Kara: Inspiring Educator and 2024 Roots in Education Grant Nominee

St. Catherine Academy is proud to announce that English and Drama teacher Mrs. Jill Kara was nominated for the 2024 Roots in Education Grant, sponsored by LMCU, by one of her former students. In response to the prompt, "How does this educator show and express their optimism and positive outlook in both their classroom and community," Antonia wrote that Mrs. Kara changed the course of her life from the moment she stepped into her classroom on the first day of freshman year. She wasn't expecting a life-altering moment in second hour Honors Freshman Literature, but she has since learned that every educational venture Mrs. Kara touches has the potential to change students' perspectives for the better. That freshman English class had such a great impact on her that she set out to take a class with Mrs. Kara every year, even though it increased the difficulty of her schedule. Mrs. Kara's ability to teach life lessons and share her love and hope for the world and all of us in it has inspired every student who has walked into both her classroom and drama program.

Mrs. Kara has been in education for 23 years, with 9 years at SCA. She teaches both English and Drama and is the Director of the SCA Drama Club, which produces a straight drama and a musical annually.

Antonia concluded her essay by reflecting on how Mrs. Kara empowers her students. She wrote, "How exactly does she do it? Simple. She believes. Not only does she believe in the talent of every girl who graces her audition room, but she believes in herself, and her power as a strong female leader, and that shines through every single student she sends onto the stage... She never complains, never shows the students her worries, and fosters an environment buzzing with positivity and belief that the feminine mind can accomplish anything."

SCA is proud of Mrs. Kara and recognizes that she, along with a committed faculty, inspires young women to awaken their feminine genius by nurturing a sense of self—academically, socially, and spiritually—and instilling in them the confidence to claim their inheritance as daughters of God.

To read the nomination, click here.

To learn more about the Lake Michigan Credit Union Roots in Education, click here.


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