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Ascension Providence recently honored the exceptional service of St. Catherine Academy (SCA) students at an award presentation. Led by Dr. Lucia Eisner, SCA students have made a profound impact through their internship program, showcasing compassion and dedication in their contributions to Ascension Providence Hospital and beyond.
May 15, 2024

Celebrating Excellence: Honoring Outstanding Service at Ascension Providence

Ascension Providence recently hosted a special award presentation on the evening of May 14, a touching ceremony that underscored the remarkable contributions of students from St. Catherine Academy (SCA) to their community, particularly through their internship program.

Dr. Lucia Eisner, the driving force behind the internship program at SCA, was warmly thanked by members of the scholarship committee for her dedication. Their  appreciation highlighted the positive impact SCA students have made at Ascension Providence Hospital, where they volunteer their time and talents to support patients and staff alike.

Stories emerged of SCA students going the extra mile during events like the Christmas Fair, where they volunteered enthusiastically, spreading cheer with donations, handmade cards, gifts, and caroling. The hospital's outreach to 1200 families with children in care showcased the generosity and compassion instilled within the SCA community.

Linda, an RN who trained SCA students in the ER, expressed her admiration for the students' commitment. Her words of praise echoed the sentiment that SCA students consistently rise to the occasion, embodying values of integrity and dedication.

The awards themselves recognized the exceptional service of SCA students, from the Presidents Volunteer Service Awards to the Jacob Winter Memorial Scholarship. Roma Adragna's recognition with the Jacob Winter Memorial Scholarship was particularly noteworthy, reflecting the impact of her essay and her embodiment of the scholarship's values.

The Internship Class offered at St. Catherine of Siena Academy serves as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing the feminine genius of each student and fostering a culture of service. Through this program, students gain valuable skills and knowledge while embracing values of compassion and integrity.

As we celebrate the achievements our students, we also acknowledge the support and guidance provided by our SCA facutly like Dr. Lucia Eisner and professionals like Linda. Their dedication has played a significant role in shaping the success stories of SCA students and enriching the Ascension Providence community.

In the spirit of excellence and service, we extend our congratulations to all the award winners and express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this meaningful journey.

Congratulations to all our award recipients!

  • 100 Hours Service Award: Maria Friel, Lauren Kas-Shamoun, Lauren Proper
  • Presidents Volunteer Service Award (Gold): Maria Friel, Lauren Kas-Shamoun, Lauren Proper
  • Presidents Volunteer Service Award (Silver): Roma Adragna, Katie Hans, Brooklyn Kassab, Eve Lassaline, Julia Moore, Julia Yono
  • Providence Park League Auxiliary Award: Maria Friel, Katie Hans, Lauren Kas-Shamoun, Eve Lassaline, Lauren Proper, Julia Yono
  • Jacob Winter Memorial Scholarship (Gold): Roma Adragna

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