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Mission Trips 2024

SCA is happy to offer opportunities to go on a mission trip as a part of our curriculum, allowing our students to explore and cultivate their feminine genius while serving communities in need.
March 19, 2024

Mission Trips
March 2024

Dominican Republic Mission Trip:

March 2024 marked a return as our SCA group journeyed to the Dominican Republic, joining hands with the Building Bridges of Hope community. Guided by our dedicated chaperones, ten students immersed themselves in a week-long experience, extending love and assistance to the remote villages near Rosa La Piedra/Calimete on the Haitian border. From attending Mass and engaging with preschoolers to offering support at the local clinic, our students embraced every opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

Flint Mission Trip:

For the third consecutive year, Sister Mary Ann led a group of students to Flint, MI, where they became an integral part of the St. John Vianney Parish school and community. Building upon our ongoing support through school supply collections, our students delved deeper into the lives of Flint residents. From preparing meals for Bible Study groups to delivering essential items to families in need, every moment was an expression of compassion and solidarity. Highlights included encounters with the iconic Our Lady of Flint and heartwarming interactions with students at St. John Vianney Catholic School.

The Transformative Power of Mission Trips:

Until one experiences a mission trip firsthand, it's challenging to articulate the profound impact it has on individuals. These journeys are catalysts for personal growth, fostering a deeper connection with God and meaningful interactions with communities, particularly with innocent children. Each mission trip becomes a transformative journey of self-discovery, shaping our students into compassionate and empathetic leaders.

Join us as we continue to empower our students to make a difference in the world, one mission trip at a time. Together, we embark on a path of service, solidarity, and spiritual growth, embodying the essence of our shared mission as disciples of Christ.


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