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Respect Life Month

Gianna Molla Club: A Beacon of Light! We want to thank the Gianna Molla Club for consistently demonstrating its dedication to the pro-life movement. Meeting every Tuesday during lunch, this club has opened its arms to all students, fostering a space for learning, sharing, and embracing the values of life. The club's commitment to raising awareness and its tireless efforts to bring in inspirational speakers is a testament to their dedication.
October 30, 2023

Embracing October: Respect Life Month at St. Catherine of Siena Academy

In the crisp and colorful embrace of October, we at St. Catherine of Siena Academy have had the privilege of celebrating Respect Life Month in a truly meaningful way. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the Gianna Molla Club, our Pro-life Club, our school community has had the unique opportunity to engage with this essential topic. This year, we had the distinct honor of welcoming two inspiring pro-life speakers to share their wisdom and experiences with our students. As we reflect on these incredible moments, we can't help but express our heartfelt gratitude to the Gianna Molla Club for their exceptional efforts and for Ben Ice and Mrs. Pinter for taking the time to enlighten us with their insights.

October 10: A Powerful Message from Ben Ice of Students for Life

On the 10th of October, our school welcomed the passionate message brought to us by Ben Ice, a representative of Students for Life. With unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, he shared insights on the importance of advocating for life at all stages. Ben's inspirational words challenged us to consider the significance of our actions in the ongoing pro-life movement, encouraging us to be steadfast in our commitment to the cause.

October 24: Mrs. Pinter's Profound Insights on the Dignity of Life

On the 24th of October, we had the privilege of hosting Mrs. Pinter, a nurse specializing in obstetrics. With grace and experience, she provided our students with a deep understanding of the dignity of life in the context of her work. Her unique perspective shed light on the incredible beauty and value of every life brought into this world, touching the hearts of all in attendance.

Michigan March for Life 🌹

As we bid farewell to October, we are happy to announce that St. Catherine Academy is providing the opportunity for students and parents to join the Michigan March for Life on November 8. See details in the parent newsletter on how to save your seat on the bus! This event is a powerful opportunity to stand up for what you believe in and make your voices heard.

Let's come together, stand up for life, and make a difference. See you at the march!


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