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Riley Gaines Relentless Pursuit of Truth

On May 11, 2023, Riley Gaines spoke to St. Catherine Academy students about her relentless pursuit of truth and fairness for all female athletes.
October 10, 2023

St. Catherine of Siena Academy Hosts NCAA All-American Riley Gaines

During her visit to Michigan as a guest of the 11th Congressional District, former NCAA All-American Riley Gaines took the opportunity to share her inspiring message with St. Catherine of Siena Academy (SCA) students. The event organizers reached out to SCA, offering Riley as a guest speaker. Riley graciously dedicated 30 minutes of her day to visit SCA and deliver her remarkable message. In the chapel, over 200 young women listened attentively as she spoke about faith and the importance of "protecting America's daughters."

Video Breakdown:

1:05  Riley's Education

1:35  Riley's Swimming Career Highlights / College Years

5:35  Senior Year Triumphs and Lia Thomas' Impact

8:53  NCAA Decision and Riley's Personal Perspective

14:56 Inside the Locker Room

17:18 Media, Speaking Out, and the Consequences

25:15 Reflecting on the Bigger Picture in Women's Sports

29:18 Challenging Denial of Objective Truth

31:14 Call to Action: Be Bold for Change


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