Sisters Assemble

Sisters shadow sisters at SCA! We were so happy to meet our younger STARS for a day!
October 23, 2023

Sister Shadow Day | Oct 23

We were thrilled to welcome to all of the younger sisters of our current students for a special Shadow Day at SCA. It was a fun and exciting day as our current STARS brought their little sisters, close friends, or relatives for a memorable shadow experience.

It was a day filled with joy and sisterhood - with opportunities to bond over crafts and games! Yay for the memories made on Sister Day! 🌟👭 #SisterShadowDay #SCAFamilyFun

At St. Catherine Academy, the importance of forming lifelong friendships within our sisterhood is undeniable. With students arriving from over 30 feeder schools, each one is embraced and welcomed into our tight-knit community. Here, a world of opportunities awaits, allowing students to actively connect and evolve together, fostering their faith, intellect, and compassion. Through the highs and lows of high school, these enduring bonds are forged, preparing them for the journey of graduation and the challenges of the world beyond. In this sisterhood, we find strength, support, and the foundations of lifelong connections.


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