Earnestly Earnestine

Friday, November 3, 2023
7:00 pm
November 5, 2023
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
SCA Drama is happy to present Earnestly Earnestine! Enjoy watching Seafood tycoon Willard Witherspoon embark on a heartfelt quest to find his long-lost great-niece, Earnestine. After a letter rekindles hope, chaos ensues as numerous Earnestines surface, prompting Willard to devise a clever plan to uncover the true heir to his fortune. Amidst laughter, romance, and a surprise DNA test, this heartwarming story reminds us that family is more than just a name.


  • November 3, 7p
  • November 4, 2p and 7p
  • November 5, 2p

Ticket Price: $12.00 for the general public

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The story:

Seafood tycoon Willard Witherspoon has been looking for his great-niece Earnestine since she was lost with her parents in the Amazon eighteen years earlier. Though her parents died, Willard has good reason to believe that Earnestine survived. And when a letter arrives confirming the fact that an Earnestine was adopted from a long-since-closed orphanage, Willard’s hopes soar. Unfortunately, the name of the adoptive parents has been lost. Undaunted, and with the help of his secretary, Dudley, and his housekeeper, Beulah, Willard launches a search for his Earnestine so he can leave his fortune to her when he dies. After a media announcement, Earnestines appear from every corner of the country creating a nightmare at Witherspoon Manor. Dudley convinces Willard to have the Earnestines send in résumés, and then narrow the field. Willard finally settles on four Earnestines to invite to his mansion for the weekend. Earnestine Sweet is a model and actress whose stage mother Dee Dee is definitely in control. Earnestine Tilly is a shy school teacher, while Earnestine McCoy is a lively massage therapist. Earnestine Krupp is a waitress whose boyfriend Dewey is determined to make his mark as an artist—just as soon as Earnestine can pay for his one-man gallery show. Although Willard interviews the Earnestines and gives them various tests to see if any of them are really his great-niece, he also hires a detective, Nelda Crane, to do some undercover work. As the weekend progresses, it becomes apparent who the real Earnestine is, but when Nelda produces the results of a DNA test, the unexpected result almost breaks hearts and scuttles a budding romance. However, quick-thinking Dudley manages to reveal the importance of being the real Earnestine.

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